The Stock Convolution Reverb Plugin in Every Major DAW

Most major DAWs come with a stock convolution reverb plugin. But some DAWs come with so many plugins and modules, and it’s not always easy to identify which one does what.

Here’s a list of major DAWs with convolution reverbs. Click on your favorite DAW to see the plugin name.

Note: In some cases, the stock convolution plugin is only available with premium versions of these DAWs. And if your favorite DAW isn’t on this list, it likely doesn’t have one. In which case, you can try this free convolution reverb plugin by Impulse Record.

Stock convolution reverb plugins

DAWs That Come With a Convolution Reverb

Ableton Live: Convolution Reverb & Hybrid Reverb

Ableton offers two convolution reverb plugins, simply named Convolution Reverb and Hybrid Reverb.

Hybrid Reverb just debuted with the current Ableton Live 11 Suite. As the name suggests, it combines convolution and algorithmic reverbs. It’s not available with the Lite or Standard editions.

Convolution Reverb is available with the Suite edition of Ableton Live 9 and higher.

Bitwig Studio: Convolution Device

Bitwig’s Convolution device comes with over 270 impulse responses right out of the box. It’s available with Bitwig Studio version 4.3 or higher.

Cakewalk by Bandlab: REmatrix Solo

REmatrix Solo comes free with Cakewalk by Bandlab. It was also available with the Professional and Platinum versions of Sonar. 

You won’t find Cakewalk’s convolution reverb in your list of VST plugins. Instead, REmatrix Solo is tucked away in the ProChannel. Just add the module to your ProChannel rack, and you’ll be good to go.

Cubase Pro: REVerence

REVerence is a powerful convolution reverb plugin with plenty of nice features. It comes with Cubase Pro, but isn’t available with the Artist, Elements, LE, or AI versions. 

By Steinberg’s own admission, REVerence is a very RAM-hungry plugin. So be aware of that and try not to run too many plugins at the same time.

Digital Performer: ProVerb

ProVerb, the stock convolution reverb plugin for Digital Performer

ProVerb does everything you’d expect a convolution reverb plugin to do and more. It’s CPU-efficient and comes with dozens of presets and impulse responses to get you started.

FL Studio: Fruity Convolver

Fruity Convolver comes with every version of FL Studio. It’s a very straightforward plugin, but also has handy features that allow for more custom reverb settings, like EQ and time stretch.

Logic Pro: Space Designer

Space Designer comes standard with Logic Pro and older versions of Logic Pro X. It has features like envelopes, filters, EQ, and stereo/surround controls.

Nuendo: REVerence

REVerence, the stock convolution reverb plugin for Cubase Pro and Nuendo.

REVerence is one of the stock plugins that come with Steinberg’s Nuendo, making it the second time it’s appeared on this list. It’s very RAM-hungry, so try not to overload your session with too many other plugins.

Pro Tools: Space

Space, the stock convolution reverb plugin for Pro Tools and Media Composer.

For ages, Pro Tools was lauded as the industry standard for audio production software. So of course it has a convolution plugin. Space is available for Pro Tools and Media Composer and comes with everything you’d need in a convolution reverb plugin. It also supports 5-channel surround.

Reason 12: RV700 mkII

The RV700 mkII is one of the standard reverb plugins available in Reason 12. You can also use it in any DAW on this list thanks to the Reason Rack plugin.

Studio One: Open AIR

Studio One comes with a few different reverb plugins, with Open AIR being the convolution reverb. It does everything you need it to do.

Get Unique Impulse Responses for Your Convolution Reverb

We’ve covered an interesting pack of impulse responses in the past. If you’re a fan of the original PlayStation — or just retro games in general — check out PS1 Reverb by Shirobon.

PS1 Reverb: Impulse Responses

Load these impulse responses into a convolution reverb plugin to mimic the original PlayStation's digital reverb.

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