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Sort Through All the Noise With this Handy Reference Guide

You love making music and you’re very proud of the tracks you’ve made so far. But when you compare it to other artists’ tracks, it’s sometimes hard not to feel like it sucks.

While in-depth books, courses, and YouTube videos can be incredibly helpful, sometimes its best to just skim through a quick reference guide to get on the right path.

Quick and Easy Wins, No Matter What Style of Music

From lo-fi beats to epic orchestras, the tips in this book are universally applicable to any style of music you’re mixing.

These are proven techniques that can give you some quick wins with your music.

None of the concepts in this book require much effort. You can read one of the tips, immediately understand the concept, and quickly implement it into your projects.

What’s Inside?

The title says it all. You’ll get 33 simple tips for mixing your music. It’s divided into five different sections:

  • General Tips and Best Practices — Some rules of thumb and other basic things to consider as you’re mixing.
  • Equalization — Non-complicated ways to use EQ to add clarity and definition to your sound.
  • Recording — Things to keep in mind as you’re recording new tracks for your project.
  • Arranging — Tips for arranging your music and understanding how instruments & voices interact with each other.
  • Monitoring — Listening carefully to your tracks to make tweaks and adjustments.

Everything comes in a single PDF file. Save it anywhere on your computer, or print it out for quick and easy reference.

Created with love by Jack Barton

I’m a father of three, a life-long music nerd, and an avid Nintendo fan. After a decade of making digital music & editing podcasts, I’ve synthesized a lot of my thoughts about mixing into this quick reference guide.