About Sonic Atlas

My name’s Jack Barton, and I’m the founder of Sonic Atlas. I created this site as an online resource for media composers, music producers, and audio enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find tutorials, product reviews, buying guides, and more.

There’s a lot of fluff in the music and audio industry. To that end, my goal is to give straightforward advice that’s easy to understand.

Right now, Sonic Atlas is a one-man operation. In other words, I write all the articles myself.

Everything here is based on real hands-on experience, and the product recommendations are genuine. That means I’ve either taken the time to use the products myself, or I’ve consulted with friends and colleagues who use and recommend them.

Who the Heck is Jack, anyway?

Jack Barton, the founder of Sonic Atlas

I’m a life-long musician with over 20 years of experience. I started with piano lessons as a kid, then picked up the saxophone and other wind instruments in school.

At some point in my adulthood, I developed health issues that prevented me from playing sax for a while. So I turned to digital music production as a creative outlet.

(Don’t worry. I’m fine now!)

Since then, I’ve earned degrees in music, written tracks for production libraries, and worked for two of America’s largest music retailers.

Why I Created Sonic Atlas

Over the years, I’ve developed many opinions about instruments, gear, and software. So I wanted to compile my thoughts and create a resource that’s actually useful to people. And with my background in music retail, I can provide insights that few other sources have.

Have Any Questions?

For business inquiries, email jack@sonicatlas.co