How We Make Money

We believe in being transparent. It helps us earn and maintain your trust, so we want you to understand how Sonic Atlas makes money.

We often link to products and services outside this site. If you buy something from those links, sometimes those companies will pay us a commission. It does not change the price you pay. Generally, it’s best to assume than any external links are monetized in some way.

Our partners are amazing, and we love what they do. Some of them include:

We’re also a member of the Amazon Associates Program. So we make commissions from some of the qualifying purchases we refer.

Do Your Affiliate Commissions Make You Biased?

We don’t think so.

Almost everything we talk about comes from first-hand experience as musicians, composers, producers, and sound engineers. And if we don’t have real-world experience with a product, we consult with someone else who does.

Some of the companies we talk about don’t even have affiliate programs. But we love their stuff and recommend them anyway.

Simply put, our recommendations are honest and genuine whether we get paid for them or not.

We’re building this business based on what we like, not who pays us the most.

Ew. Ads.

Yes, we run some display ads on Sonic Atlas. It helps keep our content free and offsets the cost of hosting.

That said, we try to keep them to an absolute minimum.

You’ll only ever see ads in the header, footer, or sides of the page, and never within the content itself. Also, you can easily close them if you’d like. That way, you’re never distracted from what you’re reading.