Native Access Not Installing? Try This Easy Solution

In 2022, Native instruments released the updated version of Native Access 2.

But more and more people are having issues with it, specifically during the installation process:

  • Native Access is taking unusually long to install
  • It freezes on “Installing Dependencies” during installation
  • Individual product downloads aren’t working

There is an easy workaround to those issues. But first, you should look into why Native Access isn’t working in the first place.

Native Access 2 is the current software management tool from Native Instruments. If you're having trouble with it, try using the legacy version of Native Access 1.

Why Isn’t Native Access Installing?

These are known issues that seem to randomly affect both Mac and Windows users equally. Native Instruments is aware of them and actively working to fix them.

But a common cause for these problems could be your computer’s security settings.

It’s possible that your firewall, antivirus, or VPN software is blocking Native Access from working properly. Close all other programs and temporarily disable any security software. Then retry installing Native Access again.

The Easy Solution: Install the Legacy Version of Native Access

Native Access 2 still some bugs to work out. 

Until then, you can install the legacy version of Native Access 1. This is the original version for older operating systems without most of the bloat. But keep in mind:

  • Newer releases might not be available through NA1.
  • You may have to delete/uninstall NA2 before installing the legacy version.
Native Access 1 (Legacy Version)

Use the legacy version of Native Access to download your NI products. It's especially helpful if you're having issues with the current version.

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All that said, the legacy version should still let you download most major products from Native Instruments like Kontakt 7 or Massive

Other Possible Solutions

Installing the legacy version is only a temporary fix. You’ll eventually have to update to NA2 if you want to download the latest products or keep everything up-to-date. 

Native Instruments has several articles that may be helpful to you:

If you haven’t done so, try the solutions mentioned in those articles or reach out to Native Instruments customer support.

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