The Official WinGROOVE Plugin You Don’t Know About

For many people, WinGROOVE was the definitive General MIDI sound of the mid-90s. Some of you reading this will want to re-experience those magical samples and write new music in your DAW.

Sadly, the original application hasn’t been available for a long time. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find dubious-looking sites with questionable download links.

But what if there was a safe, officially licensed way to use WinGROOVE sounds in your DAW? That’s where Super Audio Cart comes in.

The WinGROOVE application alongside Super Audio Cart PC artwork.

What is Super Audio Cart?

Super Audio Cart is a Kontakt sample library made by Impact Soundworks. It contains thousands of samples from 15 classic game consoles, computers, and sound cards. All the samples were recorded directly through original hardware — no emulations! On top of that, it comes with a wealth of built-in tools for sound design and customization.

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Super Audio Cart - Retro Game Samples

Super Audio Cart includes sounds from 15 classic game consoles and computers spanning several decades. It's the most comprehensive library of retro game samples ever assembled.

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Super Audio Cart — Complete with WinGROOVE!

One of Super Audio Cart’s hidden gems is the WinGROOVE library. The developers actually worked with its creator, Hiroki Nakayama, to retrieve the original samples and loop data. As such, it’s the most legitimate way to obtain the WinGROOVE samples today.

Best of all? You can use the sounds in your DAW. This gives you further benefits like the ability to add effects, use unlimited tracks, or mix WinGROOVE sounds with other instruments.

Understandably, the price tag might be restrictive for some users. The cost of getting the  WinGROOVE sounds alone isn’t worth it. But if you’re also interested in chiptune music and retro PC sounds in general, Super Audio Cart is a must-buy.

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