How To Fix Playback Stopping & Rewinding Issues In Cakewalk

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re frustrated with Cakewalk’s transport controls. Specifically when stopping playback or hitting the spacebar. 

You may have accidentally toggled a setting that does one of two things:

  • Hitting Stop rewinds you back to when you started.
  • Hitting Stop keeps you in the place you stopped.

Whatever it is, you want it to do the opposite.

We’ll show you how to fix this playback stopping and rewinding issue in Cakewalk. We’ll also give you some shortcuts to help you toggle between these two settings.

Options > On Stop, Rewind to Now Marker

When this checkbox is enabled, the Now Time jumps back to the Now Time Marker whenever playback stops. You can also toggle this option on/off by pressing CTRL+W.

In the track view, go to Options and choose “On Stop, Rewind to Now Marker”. 

When this is enabled, the Now Time jumps back to the playback marker when you stop.

For example: You start playing or recording at 1:10, then stop at 1:35. When you click stop or hit the spacebar, you’ll automatically rewind back to 1:10. 

You can also use the shortcut CTRL+W to toggle this option on and off.

Shortcut: Use CTRL+Spacebar For One-Time Use

Maybe you want to keep the setting toggled on/off, but need to use this feature temporarily. In that case, pressing CTRL+Spacebar will have the same effect without changing any of your settings.