Take Your Mixes to the Next Level with 68% Off iZotope and other AI-Powered Plugins

AI can’t fully replace you. But it can seriously speed up your workflow and make you a way more productive musician.

Right now, you can save up to 68% off AI-powered plugins from iZotope, Audialab, Dreamtonics, XLN Audio, and Baby Audio.

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Get Up to 68% Off AI-Powered Plugins
Oct 30 - Nov 9, 2023

Streamline your workflow with AI-powered plugins from iZotope, Audialab, Dreamtonics, XLN Audio, and Baby Audio.

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What Plugins Are Part of the Sale?

Here’s what you can find as part of Native Instruments’ AI sale:

From iZotope:

  • iZotope Elements Suite – All the Elements versions of Ozone, Neutron, RX, and Nectar. Even without the AI, these are some of the best plugins for mixing, mastering, and post production.
  • RX 10 Standard – This post-production suite helps you clean up any crackle or hiss, remove background noise, and eliminate reverb from your audio.
  • Neutron 4 – A set of eight mixing plugins to help you achieve a balanced and professional-sounding mix. Plus, the AI Mix Assistant will intelligently analyze your audio and give you fast results.
  • Neoverb – This AI-powered reverb plugin eliminates some of the trial-and-error involved in setting up reverb. The Reverb Assistant will analyze your audio and give you a strong starting point.

From Native Instruments’ Partners:

  • TAIP – Brings the mystical quality of analog tape to your digital mixes. It uses an AI algorithm to mimic the indecipherable nuances of tape.
  • Synthesizer V Studio Pro – Easily create realistic-sounding vocals by simply sketching out a melody in your MIDI sequencer and filling in the lyrics.
  • XO – Scans your computer files and organizes all your drum samples into one easy-to-navigate collection. Then create beats using the built-in drum machine.
  • Emergent Drums 2 – This revolutionary plugin uses AI to generate countless unique, royalty-free drum samples, all based on generative models.

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